Imperial Formosa oolong tea is one of the best Oolong teas available if it’s made in a high-quality tea plantation that is meticulous about the way that tea is harvested and processed. To select the top Imperial Formosa oolong tea, learning a few details about it and how it’s processed and harvested is essential.

Oolong tea can be described as a blend of black and green tea. It is made using the same tea plant but is processed differently. Green tea is not fermented while it is fermented fully, and Oolong tea is semi-fermented, which means that the time for fermentation is much shorter than in other teas, and a portion of the tea leaves remain green. The partial fermentation results in an oolong tea that is more light than tea made from black; however, it is more flavorful and bold, unlike green tea. Based on how long the tea maker gives for the tea to ferment or oxidize, the tea could be more like a green tea flavor or more similar to the taste of black tea. Furthermore, oolong tea is made from larger tea leaves, which are higher in the leaf.

Imperial Formosa oolong tea is made exclusively in Taiwan. Teas made in Taiwan are called Formosa teas since that was the name that was initially used for the country. Many people consider China the country that produces oolong tea, and China is the country that makes the most amount of oolong tea in the world today. But Taiwan runs a close second with oolongs that have been deemed among the top around the globe. According to reports from historical books, tea bushes were discovered in the wilds of Taiwan approximately 300 years back. Tea varieties were introduced into Taiwan around two hundred years ago by people from China, and the first industry to be created was.

Imperial Formosa oolong tea is fermented until the leaves have reached 30 percent reduced in oxidation. It is crucial to time the oxidation phase. Essential in making the best Oolong tea. To ensure the same flavor every time, the maker must be able to properly bruise the leaves and then ensure that the oxidation process is carried out precisely. Making oolong tea is a labor-intensive process that machines or mass-produced production methods can’t efficiently manage.
This is why fewer tea farms produce Oolong more than other teas. Making the best tea requires strict compliance with the method and timing and skilled tea makers who can identify precisely when the tea leaves are dried properly and adequately fermented. Because of this, oolong teas tend to be more costly than green and black teas. Formosa teas are generally the most expensive of oolong teas because the labor costs in Taiwan are higher than in other nations.

Like green and black teas, the taste of oolong teas is also affected by the time of year when the leaves are picked. The first teas to be plucked in the season are spring teas, often referred to as “first flush” teas. They are usually the most sought-after tea leaves harvested during the season. Even though the plant can be harvested a few more times before the end of summer, the tea brewed from these plucked teas won’t be as good as the first tea plucked taste. This is because tea leaves harvested later in the summer are exposed to more extreme temperatures and can be sweltered in the sun before even being picked. Similar rules apply to the majority of oolong teas. Most of the time, the first Oolong flush will have the best flavor. You’ll usually see Imperial Formosa oolong tea produced by the first plucked that occurs in the year.

Nevertheless, the most reputable tea gardens will produce excellent tea from every year’s growing-season flush, although many enthusiasts prefer the first flush teas. This fantastic flavor and limited supply make first-flush oolong teas the most expensive of the season.

The most reputable tea gardens identify their teas not just by the quality of their tea leaves but also by the plucking method they were crafted from. Some tea plants don’t pluck more than twice a season, as they believe they can’t guarantee the grade of tea isn’t enough after the second picking.

In most cases, Imperial Formosa oolong tea is the first flush tea, which will then be classified as Finest to Choice, which is the top quality for Formosa teas. Very few tea plants make Imperial Formosa oolong, and they are the ones that can be trusted to make premium tea.

As a consumer, you must ensure you receive the best value for your money. The best method to ensure this is to purchase your teas only from the most reputable tea shops, whether within your area or by shopping online. Aiming to choose tea shops with the smallest selection of teas can ensure you’re purchasing high-quality tea. The tea shops are cautious of what they buy and only work with one or two of the most prestigious tea gardens worldwide. The selection might be less, but you’ll know they have a carefully selected assortment of the best quality.

Many tea shops do not include Imperial Formosa oolong tea since it’s among the rarest teas in many gardens. If you can find this tea and buy it from a retailer dedicated to only selling the finest quality teas, you’ll be assured you’re purchasing a delicious and enjoyable tea.