The tea garden of Assam are some of the most famous in India, and their leaves can make world-class beverages. The process behind making these teas is fascinating – not just because it involves nature but also showcases real-life situations that go into producing what we drink every day!
Are you looking for the best tea gardens in Assam? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best tea gardens in the region and what makes them so unique. If you’re interested in learning Assam tea, this blog post is for you!

Top 6 Best Tea Gardens in Assam

The best tea gardens in Assam are:

1. Ghograjan Tea Garden
Ghograjan Tea Garden is one of the best tea gardens in Assam for its picturesque setting and high-quality leaves. The garden is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is surrounded by dense forests. This provides the ideal environment for growing tea bushes requiring a lot of shade.
Ghograjan is one of the top tea gardens in Assam, with over 350 acres spread along riverbeds. According to industry experts, the estate produces high-quality Orthodox and CTC (Crush tear curl) teas that have been rated among some of India’s finest.
The fifth generation now runs this more minor but well-established business after taking over from their ancestors, who first started producing Ghagraj Riyars back during British colonization!

2. Mangalam Tea Garden
The Mangalam tea garden is a large-scale, 118-acre tea plantation in Sibsagar with an interesting planting pattern that features crops close together and easy accessibility for workers or visitors.
The Mangalam Estate is a unique tea plantation in Assam, India. The premium CTC & Orthodox teas from this place are highly favored by German consumers due to their high-quality taste and mild aroma profile, making them perfect during those winter days when you need something substantial but not too heavy on your stomach.

3. Amchong Tea Garden
The Among Tea Garden is one of the top tea estates in Assam and has been producing high-quality leaves for over 200 years. Spread across 1782 acres, this famous garden offers visitors a unique insight into how they can make world-class brews with some old-fashioned methods still used today!
The estate is located in the heart of Kamrup District with an annual production capacity of 1 million kgs. Loyal patrons can buy fresh tea leaves direct from here at unbeatable prices!

4. Noni Tea Garden
The stunning Noni Tea Garden is a must-see for any tea lover. The estate’s location atop the Samdhara Garh hill provides unparalleled views of nature and cultivation. At the same time, visitors enjoy their favorite beverage peacefully at one of many cozy cafes dotting its pathways!
The tea estate is one of the most picturesque places in Assam. The place has an old history and was once part of a much larger garden that stretched to neighboring states such as Nagaland or Arunachal Pradesh (then onwards).

5. Halmari Tea Estate
Halmari is one of the most picturesque tea estates in Assam. It’s located near Moran, covering around 534 hectares with beautiful views and green fields for you to enjoy!
A family-owned business passed down through generations makes this place even more special than it already was.
This big and famous estate has been producing different varieties of Assam tea for over 250 years. The clientele is not just localized within India but spread worldwide; many hotel chains also keep this particular type available at their establishments!
Visitors can watch as plucking the tea leaves is done. These usually take about five or six days, and my favorite products from a garden’s harvest are Orthodox Teas (characterized by their long shelf life) and CTC teas (graded Georgian style).

6. Monabarie Tea Estate
The 1367.38 hectares of land at Monabarie tea estate is spread over the highway and beautifully structured to make it one large complex with many visitor facilities, including an observation tower that provides breathtaking views up high! This allows you to see all aspects of your day, whether exploring around or sitting down by some quiet waterfalls during leisure time – there’s always something new happening here…
The famous tea from this estate is often referred to as the bright reddish color. The high quality of their products has helped contribute largely to its success, and it’s no wonder why people love drinking such delicious flavors!
A tea estate is where visitors can experience authentic Indian culture near nature. The grounds have been segmented into four regions based on period – Lahori Jan ( trekking and camping), BehuPukri(Staying at guesthouses), Old Line & New line for those who want more luxuries or just relaxation, respectively. The factory also houses restricted access, so it doesn’t get too busy with tourists disrupting production!

If you’re looking for an authentic Assam tea plantation experience, we suggest visiting one of the gardens listed in this guide. Each of these plantations offers something unique and special, so research and find the right fit. We hope you enjoy your time exploring the best tea gardens in Assam!