la perruche sugar cubes

La Perruche is a brand of refined and pure cane sugar. It was invented in 1828 by Andre Cosse, who owned a Confiserie in Nantes. After he passed away, his sons continued to manufacture and sell the traditional version of this fine product.

The sugar above owes its origin to the rich soil of the island of Reunion. It is harvested there from July to December when the trade winds and tropical conditions are most conducive to growing cane. In addition to the sugar, the bat arouses a sense of wonder by yielding a sweet, thick liquid. A small portion of this liquid is extracted and used to produce a drink that has been said to have the enlightening effects of a cocktail.

While this is not necessarily the only ingredient in a La Perruche sugar cube, it is the first one that comes to mind when talking about the sweetener. As such, this is a highly prized product. This white cube is a finely-crystalized form of pure cane sugar, preserved in dry, excellent storage conditions. Each box contains 100 grams of white cane sugar in its signature rectangular package. These sugar cubes are easy to use, making them a good choice for those who like their coffee and other hot beverages on the sweet side.

Although the La Perruche name is synonymous with pure cane sugar, the company also makes a more rounded product called La Perruche Rough Cut Brown Sugar Cubes. This all-natural sweetener is made from a blend of regular and caramelized sugars and evokes a warm golden hue in its simple form. Its enticing, caramel-hinted flavor is the perfect way to complement a cup of hot tea or coffee. For a truly memorable experience, pair your La Perruche with Turkish coffee or other traditional hot drinks.

While the La Perruche name may be slightly overhyped, the company’s sugar is an exceptional product. It’s the finest in its class and is an excellent addition to the pantry. However, the company is quite secretive about the process involved in its production. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the name is a genuine icon of the company. Whether or not you try a box of finely crafted cane products, you will be impressed by its many intriguing attributes.