how many calories in milk in tea

Drinks with milk, sugar, and cream are trendy among the masses. However, they have a hidden calorie content. Tea alone contains very few calories; a cup is only a few calories higher than a glass of water. So what is the actual calorie content of a cup of tea? Here’s a guide. Let’s start by looking at skim milk. While it does contain calories, it’s a negligible amount.

Drinks with milk

It’s possible to overdo it when you add milk to your tea. This practice isn’t particularly healthy since milk is fattening and will increase your calorie intake when consumed regularly. In addition to being fattening, milk can reduce the antioxidants in tea, making it a source of inflammation and acidity. The calorie content of tea will increase when milk is added, but skim milk has no calories, while half-and-half and cream are unlikely to add any calories.

Drinks with cream

A cup of tea can contain nearly no calories. For instance, a cup of black tea only has a few carbs. Adding a little milk, such as 1% or 2%, will increase the number of carbs by around two grams. A cup of skim or homogenized 3% milk has even fewer carbs. However, you should avoid over-sweetened or flavored teas if you’re watching your calories.

Drinks with sugar

While the calories in tea are mainly from the sugars in dairy products, milk may also contribute to the calorie content. Whole milk, for example, has 18 calories per fluid ounce, of which nine percent comes from fat. On the other hand, half-and-half has 38 calories per fluid ounce, and skim milk only has ten calories per fluid ounce. Although the cream is unlikely to add calories to tea, many lovers still enjoy it.

Drinks with skim milk

Most calories in a mug of brewed tea come from sugar and milk. Using skimmed milk instead of the whole can save around 1180 calories per year and 3.3 pounds of body fat. While a serving of tea with skim milk contains just two calories, a mug with whole milk has as many as 300 calories. Skim milk is the most popular milk substitute for tea, but it also has some health benefits.

Drinks with non-dairy milk

The benefits of drinking tea with dairy may outweigh its calorie content. Tea contains few calories and contains chemicals that stimulate energy burning. A cup of black tea only has about two calories. But you can halt this effect by adding milk. Non-dairy milk can also help reduce calories, but it has less protein. So, you can use the milk option sparingly.