In most tea establishments these days, a tea container or menu is utilized to present tea, however, the tea choices of the customer are usually based on the name just. With the many varieties of teas that are whole leaf available The Tea Butler Presentation Chest makes it possible for consumers to explore and pick teas according to color, texture, as well as scent. The wooden chests are elegant but simple and the process of presenting honors the tradition of tea ceremonies that have evolved.

Tea Butler Presenting Chest The Tea Butler chest for presentation is constructed from beautiful hardwood. It also has a set of clear, transparent hexagonal tea jars in acrylic. Each chest has a set of loose leaf teas. The chest features a beautiful foam insert that is a velour-faced design with octagonal cutouts to can hold the tea jars and allow the jars to be easily removed to be viewed from a greater distance. This lets the guest or patron open the tea jars to observe the tea’s texture makeup, color, and aroma.

The tea plaque, which is located within the tea chest’s cover, contains a thorough explanation of every tea and each block is positioned with the tea jar that it is a part of. The teas are arranged according to tea type, which makes them easier to display. For instance, herbal caffeine-free teas are situated on the left, while black and flavorful black teas are located in the middle, while green teas with flavored and green leaves are on the right. The plaque can be easily personalized for each tea blend and could be personalized with individual or company names or logos.

Tea Butler Presentation Process: In a table service in a restaurant such as a table service the server will bring Tea Butler to the table and describe the way the teas are arranged on the tea plaque and then performs other tasks while the guest spends a few minutes to look over the descriptions, study the teas and make their own decision. There is no requirement for extensive instruction on individual teas.

Tea Butler Benefits The Tea Butler provides patrons with the opportunity to discover the latest teas, and to make an informed choice on their tea choice. Experience has demonstrated that people enjoy it because it’s interesting and informative and can add a fun aspect to their meal. Servers love it because it’s easy to use and their guests enjoy the convenience of it. Restaurant owners appreciate it since it is easy to use and the Tea Butler can be brought to tables along alongside the dessert menu so that patrons are encouraged to have dessert, drinks after dinner, or both. A bonus for proprietors is that their sales will increase.

typically, double or triple the case of a product whose gross margins are very high.

Tea Butler Series Presentation Chests and Trays: Tea Butler chests and trays come in various sizes that are available in cherry or maple. The stunning hardwood products are stained with mahogany and varnished to create a stunning display piece. The presentation chests are offered in 8 or 6 count maple, and the cherry is available in 9 or 12 counts. The presentation tray is offered in either 6 or 8 count maple. The standard presentation tray comes with 12 tea sets and plaques for the cherry and maple chests, and three standard tea sets and plaques for the tea tray. Tea sets and plaques that are custom versions are also available. Each item can be examined in images through our site.

Specialty teas as well as tea bags like the Silken Tea Sachet The demand for tea has grown, customers are seeking out more options. Specialty teas are currently the most fascinating and fastest-growing segment of tea, and their development is set to continue for the next decade According to the Tea Association of the USA. The best description of specialty tea would be one that is specially treated in ways that permit the teas to reach the highest standards of quality. This begins with cultivation, the planting, and a careful timetable of when and when the tea is harvested and processed, packed, and then shipped. These teas are delicious to drink with a wonderful sensory appeal, and are pleasing to the eyes, and are calming and refreshing to take a sip. The tea deserves to be presented in a manner that is as well-crafted as the tea that it is served.

In the face of these premium teas, it was evident that the typical tea bag, due to the limited space available to steep, could not permit the full-leaf tea to fully brew. To accommodate this tea makers began searching for ways of packaging their teas in a way that was user-friendly and appealing to customers. Harney & Sons, one of the most renowned tea brands around the globe, provides various silken tea sachets, which contain an abundance of loose leaf tea pre-portioned that comes in a two-cup teapot that comes with one sachet, which takes all the stress out of making an excellent cup of tea. It is the Tea Butler that has partnered with Harney & Sons to offer their finest teas to resorts, restaurants, and hotels, and also for customers who purchase from the online store.

Tea Butler Trays found in the Coffee Shops and retail stores Coffee shops traditionally have been a magnet for customers but they have not been interested in offering anything other than simple teas. However, in recent years there has been an increase in desire for healthier beverages, and the demand for tea, specifically premium specialty teas, has attracted the attention of well-known coffee chains like that of the West Coast chain, formerly called The Coffee Bean, now renamed the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

All coffee shops suffer from one common issue: The lack of counter space for display. This Tea Butler tray has been developed specifically to fulfill this requirement. The trays are constructed from hardwood maple they are stained with mahogany and varnished. They are wider and longer than tea chests, comprising one row of 8 sparkling clear octagonal acrylic containers that are covered. The tea description plaques are placed on a polished surface on the tray in the front of tea containers with every tea description aligned to its tea sample. The attractive trays attract attention, and also invite customers to buy special teas. Some shops sell Harney & Sons colorful retail 20-count tea sachets tins in addition. A step-up 8-tin rack sits perfectly in the space behind the tray enticing customers to buy their favorite teas.

Conclusion The way tea is presented isn’t an uninteresting, boring process. With the help of Tea Butlers, it is easy to do, yet elegant and informative, so that the presenter, as well as their guests, will take pleasure in the process!